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1/3 hiking trail


Keresztes hilltop (Keresztes halom) - edge of Martonoš (Martonos) village - Tisza (Tisa) embankment - Kanjiža (Magyarkanizsa), UNIVERZAL resort (üdülő)


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Distance (level):

14.08 km


3 hours 40 minutes

Year of opening of the trail:


Entity responsible for section 1/2. of the trail:

Természetjáró Egyesület, Magyarkanizsa (Društvo ljubitelja prirode)

Access: Section 1/3. of the trail starts next to the Keresztes hilltop, near the Martonoš access road.

Section 1/3. of the trail starts from Keresztes hilltop and continues East and towards Martonoš. This village was already settled here in the XI. century. Leaving the hilltop behind us, we are heading straight to the South-Eastern edge of the former Láda floodplain lake. On our left we walk by a canal, while on the right we can see farmlands stretching all the way to the edge of the village. We are heading for a right turn, where we climb higher up a little, but after a few meters, at the next junction, we descend a few meters again, to the left, turning sharply in the shape of a hook, to reach a bridge. Before getting to the bridge though, we take another turn to the right and continue along the path on the right side of the canal, towards Martonoš. Coming from the left, will get to another bridge. If we crossed it, we would get to the water pumps of the Tisa river - you can actually see the building from that spot where you stand. We continue straight ahead tough. Soon we reach yet another bridge to our left and we do cross over this time. We turn straight right to continue along the left side of the canal.

The Martonoš catholic church tower will be right ahead of us in the distance. We reach another bridge soon; we cross again to the right side. The road leads straight into the village but we turn left and continue along the path on the right side of the canal, which will go uphill after a few meters, onto the road beyond the former floodplain lake embankment. The church tower is again in the direction of the road. Now we will pass the gardens on the right edge of Martonoš village. If you count the streets, you can take the third one to get straight to the village centre. The catholic church of Martonoš, built in 1814, and the city hall, built at the end of the XIX. century are both worth a visit. Keeping on the trail, at the next, fourth street, which has an asphalt road leading up to it, the road will take us left along the embankment and then slowly turn back to the right. We will reach two barriers on the embankment, beyond which the road to the left will lead to the former ferry. We stay on the embankment though and continuing to the right, we actually go around Martonoš by walking in a huge circle. To the left, we can see the trees along the Tisa, to the right the farmlands of Kisrét, and behind, we can admire both church towers of the tiny Martonoš village. Insert picture 7

At the end of the embankment we follow a sharp turn to the right, then again, 90 degrees turn to the left. After the second turn we can already see the Horgoš-Kanjiža highway and a barrier before it. We reach the highway and continue along the embankment again, on the right side of the Tisa, after turning left, towards Kanjiža. We walk along the asphalt road. We pass the Red cross - Madarász flood gate below. To our left we can admire the majestic silver poplar trees along the river, to our right we will see farmlands again. We will reach the next “Y” junction. From here we may continue to the left on foot, but if you’re riding a bike, take the road to the right to get to the left side again, onto the road leading towards the town. The asphalt road turns left again on the embankment and at the same time, we will have a great panorama of the curb of the Tisa river, with a gravel unloading area on the riverbank. We leave the asphalt road and go down to the river, to walk along the small “nature trail”, lined with acacias. As we continue our trail, the Tisa will be to our left. To our right, beyond the woods, we will see a car road on the embankment. Coming out of the small wooded area, we will reach the asphalt road again, but we take the road on the left embankment. From this spot you can see the Wienerberger brick yard, and after a few steps, on the same side, we pass in front of the river-border-crossing. After that a narrow asphalt road will lead us along the embankment. Looking right, we see the wheat mill's silos, looking left, we can already identify the town’s recreation centre. Our trail passes over a timber conveyor belt, as there is a box factory on the right side of the embankment. Next to the logs on the left-hand side, we arrive to a small, traditional fisherman's inn. Then, following the recreation centre’s small bungalows to the left, we slowly reach our last stop in Kanjiža (Magyarkanizsa), the UNIVERZAL resort.

Zoltán Nagygyörgy local historian