Country House Tóthfalu ikon

Country House Tóthfalu

One of the most important sights in this clean and orderly settlement is the church and its building. The college in Tóthfal, where tourists are welcome, is well-suited for conferences, seminars and other meetings. The school at Tóthfalu is not only a primary school, but also a gymnasium, which is a part of Zenta's talent education school. One of the main attractions of the settlement is the country house, where visitors can admire the old tools of local folk life, farming and animal husbandry, and the exterior and interior furnishings of the typical Bácska house. The villagers offer the visitors: Getting to know the village history, Hungarian traditions, folk costumes and folk music presentations by the "Fehérakác" women's choir and orchestra, carriage opportunities in the village and its surroundings, tasting various Hungarian gastronomic specialties.

Tóthfalu, May 1st Street 6.

Zoltán Faragó: +381644917281 Aunt Rózsa Tájház: +38124887026