Our goal

The common future of the inhabitants of our settlements

The primary objective of the Municipality of Algyő is to improve the tourist attractions of the settlement, as well as to improve the standard of accommodation and catering. Building on the natural resources, animal and flora of the settlement's environment, the development of the infrastructure of river water tourism is the first step in the development of tourism based on the Tisza.

The natural location of Algyő is advantageous, situated in the immediate vicinity of the Tisza, on the coast. The settlement structure has been based on the accessibility of the river for centuries. One of the options of public transport was ship and ferry in the 1900s. The utilization of rowing sports was significant. This is linked to the motorway and express road network developed over the past decades, which is connected to the Tisza through the large community.

Eighteen-room, three-star Levendula Hotel and Restaurant serves the hospitality. In addition, there is a constantly expanding private accommodation network. In addition to the free beach, camping facilities provide direct relaxation in nature.

The Borbála Bath, which is constantly expanding with the new adventure elements and sports pool, is connected to the wet experience.

The community development of the council is aimed at facilitating the accessibility of local tourist attractions, and the accessibility of Algyő and its surroundings, its natural and cultural values by various means of transport.The possibility of changing means of transport is a good option. Thereby arrivals by ship can change for bicycles, and those arriving by car can take a boat. As a result, they can achieve multiple program elements.

Traveling in an undisturbed aquatic environment can also be used as an independent tourist attraction. The outstanding natural qualities of the surroundings of the settlement, the unique animal and flora in the environment are an element of experience offering for tourists arriving at the Algyő harbor.

Developments provide a wide range of program opportunities and infrastructure conditions for all ages, based on motivation, for nature lovers, ecotourists, and for people looking for active relaxation and recreation and for who are in water sports.

The development plans of the settlement also include the establishment of a forest school, tourist accommodation and water sports center, which can attract tourists, school groups and athletes.

The Tisza can best present Hungarian folk customs and history with complementary riverside programs. To this end, the joints and investments are defined and the goals, the directions of development are defined. In the spirit of this, the arrivals to Algyő are summarized in the table below, and we are planning to create several program options.

Tourist forms

Target group


scientific, educational, general

researchers with special interest

student groups, young people

interested ecotourists

Waterside, water tourism

young people interested in water sports, families

student groups

high-income young people interested in active recreation, middle-aged

older age group

companies, tour operators

Fishing tourism

sport and hobby anglers, nature lovers

Health tourism (Borbála Spa, Ezerjó Herb House)

health conscious young people

middle-aged interested in wellness services

older age group susceptible to medical tourism


Cultural tourism (Village House and Library, Country House)

student groups, families, older people interested in learning about historical values

Horse tourism

young people, middle age people and student group interested in riding

Cycling tourism

a sports enthusiast, active in every generation

Walking tourism (Touring)

environmentally friendly and eco-tourists, all ages

The council treats the Tisza and its coast, the Algyő section as one unit, several function centers have been established called "Tisza Algyő Free beach, harbor and leisure center"and are being developed through continuous development.

Among the tourist elements is the free beach of Tisza, which has a unique attraction at regional level. The aim of the local governmentis to develop the quality of the modern age and to continuously improve it.

On the Algyő section, more elements for relaxation and tourism have been developed: