The hikers weren’t deterred by the bad weather

16th of Mrach, 2019

The hikers weren’t deterred by the bad weatherThe Magyarkanizsai Hiking Association this year also organized a traditional spring day hiking trip to Sándor. This time the small team departed to Adorján.

The cloudy, rainy weather did not discourage the hikers of Magyarkaniza. Kids and adults both started with a backpack for the 13-kilometer journey. Adam Bosznai is only 11 years old, but he has already participated in a similar walking tour: "I like to go hiking and the group is good too."

Tamás Vörös considers himself a true hiker. He came to the walk with his dog: “I like to go hiking, also by bike, but walking is not far from me. I'm also running, so I'm developing my muscle a little, it's a little warm-up. ”

The hikers weren’t deterred by the bad weatherThe Hiking Associationfor many yearsregularly organizing the Spring Tour.This time around twenty started their two-hour walk.SándorBöröc, organizer, Hiker Association, Magyarkanizsa:“There are of course multiple goals, on the one hand making friends, on the other hand, it can also be a bit of a sport, a kind of recreation. If we look it like a team, it is a little team building, making friends, and a little bit out in nature, we're moving out. ”

Walking on the Tisza embankment, the hikers walked to the Adorjan Hound Farm. The association and the host provided refreshments and a fire place for everyone.

Source: Pannon RTV