II. Vojvodina Light Music Talent Researcher ikon

II. Vojvodina Light Music Talent Researcher

The CNESA Obrazovno-Kulturna Ustanova / Educational and Cultural Institute second time is a host for Vojvodina Light Music Talent Researcher on May 18, 2019.

The Cnesa Educational and Cultural Institute and VefmatProduction announce the first Vojvodina Light Music Talent Researcher, which is the Southern Station of the Music is joy Talent Management Program in the Carpathian Basin. Emerging music bands can registrate for the talent show. The professional partner of the event is the Peron Music Foundation in Tatabánya and sponsor is the Hangfoglaló Program (Hungary).


Apply via this online form:


Deadline for application: 1st of May, 2019

Detailed information can be requested:

Information (HU)

Vefmat Production - Mátyás Bodor

Telephone number: +36 30 637 77 44

Email: bodor.matyass@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zfuiudf

The jury will judge the applications received. We invite maximum 10 performers from the applicant bands, from which professional video and audio recordings are made using digital technology.

If you choose to go to the Magyarkaniza final, you have to give a 15-minute concert. The stage will have a shared backline that the organizers will take care of. The talent show is free.


Concert at the 2019 Budapest Music Expo

Concert at the biggest musical exhibition in Central and Eastern Europe, and participation in the Final of the Music is joy Talent Management Program, where the main prize is 3,000,000 HUF

The final will take place at Budapest Music Expo, where all the Music is joy Talent finalists bands are scoring themselves, and the winner of the Vojvodina Talent Researcher, will also be competing. Here is the main prize is 1,000,000 HUF, and the winner can choose an instrument or sound equipment what offers a National Association of Musical Instruments. In addition, the Hangfoglaló Program offers 2,000,000 HUF, which can be spent on the orchestra (video clip and disc publishing).

The Vefmat Production Communications Agency provides a 1-month press campaign to the winner at a pre-agreed time. The winner can decide when to use their winnings, for example, to promote concerts, albums or other projects. At least 2 events should be started here.

With a short interpretable title, and with a relatively detailed description, I recommend a minimum of 500 characters so that the underside is not so empty when someone clicks. The event may be older and new, the point is not to arm the page as a blank page. There should also be a picture of the event, at least 2-3 images per event.