NonVisual Desktop Access (NVDA) is a free, open-source screen reader for the Microsoft Windows operating system. The software provides the ability to use computers running Windows for the blind and partially sighted. It allows the user to monitor the on-screen events that NVDA sends to the user through a speech synthesizer by querying the operating system.

If you want to try NVDA, Download it here

JAWS for Windows

The JAWS for Windows screen reader allows you to use your computer for visually impaired people by reading keystrokes and on-screen messages. The program supports the use of the Windows operating system, Microsoft Office office suite, several Internet browsers and many other popular applications.

The user can choose between the JAWS Home Edition and the JAWS Professional license. Home Edition is a standard home use license that permits the use of a single end user for non-business purposes, while Professional is a license offered to companies, institutions. Currently, a Professional license is available free of charge to all applicants within the country license.

If you want to try JAWS for Windows, Download it here